City Slicker Farms

After a sudden and unexpected end to my trip, I have finally got round to uploading my last visit to City Slicker Farm; Oakland. This farm was an amazing place that has hugely inspired me and would be something that I could see working here in Nottingham.

City Slicker Farm’s mission is to empower the West Oakland community through the provision of healthy, fresh food by creating urban farms and back gardens.The farm boasts an urban farm, 28 plot community garden, a playground, lawn, a greenhouse and glasshouse and outdoor cooking space.

After a wander from the BART station through the residential area and a brunch stop at the most amazing diner; The Pretty Lady, I arrived at the farm. It’s a public green space, open to the community that serves a wonderful purpose providing fresh fruit and veg and growing space. This was explained to in conversation by the farms manager who was passionate about giving back to the West Oakland residents.

It has given me huge food for thought and I hope that in the near future I can create something similar for Nottingham…


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